Sanita Away From Home Celebrates the Lebanese Army Day

Sanita Away From Home wears green in support of the Lebanese Army.

On August 1, 2017, for the occasion of the Lebanese Army Day, a special ceremony was held within the premises of Sanita Away From Home and Sanita Converting Transfer of Tissue in Hosrayel, Jbeil to honor the army’s role in preserving Lebanon’s unity, solidarity and independence.

SAFH General Manager Mr. Chadi Kreidy took part in the ceremony to express his full support to the participants and evoke Sanita’s commitment to the good of the community.

In his word, Mr. Kreidy stated, “Our country is witnessing a critical situation and the Lebanese Army is our sole protector. We should join hands to support the backbone of our national unity.”

The staff wore military print T-shirts as a symbolic tribute to the army’s sacrifices and participants gathered together to hoist the Lebanese flag and the army flag.

Sanita Away From Home Makes a Difference in the Fight against Cancer

Sanita Away From Home spreads awareness against cancer.

Knowing that Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women and believing that community awareness can help save lives and boost women’s wellness, Sanita Away From Home has recently collaborated with Barbara Nassar Foundation for Cancer Patients Support to promote the importance of early detection.

A special conference under the motto “Pink Day” was held by both Sanita Away From Home and the foundation on November 10th, 2016 at Eddé Sands Hotel – Jbeil in order to highlight the vital role prevention plays in securing women’s health and alleviating the dire impacts of the disease.

By joining the foundation in its mission to support adult cancer patients financially and psychologically and granting them a better chance to survive cancer, Sanita Away From Home brings forth INDEVCO Founder’s philosophy “what is good for the community is good for the company” and underlines the management’s commitment to empowering consumer’s wellness for a better quality of life.

During the conference, Mr. Hani Nassar, the husband of Mrs. Barbara Nassar, shed light on testimonials from patients who succeeded in overcoming cancer with dignity thanks to the support of the foundation. Mr. Nassar also seized the opportunity to emphasize the foundation’s mission and objectives as well as its ongoing collaboration with the Lebanese government to pass laws on enforcing examination among Lebanese women.

Head of bone marrow transplants at MLH Dr. Fady Nasr took an active part in the conference by lecturing about the available treatments and preventive measures that contribute to the fight against the disease. According to Nasr, prevention includes yearly mammograms, clinical or breast self-examination, and other healthy habits and wellbeing tips that reduce the risk of cancer.

Women who attended the conference wore pink and white shirts to express moral support; they were then handed awareness gifts as a reminder for taking the test.

Attendees were then invited to a brunch at the terrace overlooking the sea to celebrate the efforts and share a message of hope.

About the Barbara Nassar Association

Founded by Barbara Nassar, the foundation seeks to complete the society's missing role in supporting adult cancer patients financially and psychologically by covering the costs of medicines and hospitalization, and giving them a better chance to survive the disease. Believing that every cancer patient has the right to complete his/her treatment with dignity, the foundation works on enhancing hospitalization conditions of cancer patients in Lebanon and ensuring funds to cover expenses for patients in need.

Sanita Away From Home Expands Its Food Wrapping and Containers Portfolio with a New Paper Cups Line

A new Paper Cups Line by Sanita AFH meets customer needs in the catering and away-from-home markets.

Taking into account the growing demand for disposable cutlery and tableware, and in light of the opening of new food chains across Lebanon, the GCC and the MENA region, Sanita AFH has recently introduced into the foodservice markets a new line of appealing and practical paper cups. The offered printed cups are designed with quality materials and a leading technology that complies with international standards. They come in a variety of filling capacities (4 oz., 9 oz. and 12 oz.) and are available in cases of 40 packets x 50 cups (for the 4 oz. filling capacity) and 20 packets x 50 cups (for the 9 and 12 oz. capacity).

Sanita AFH Paper Cups are an ideal choice for hot drinks and an economical option for high-volume venues. Their moisture resistance, sturdy cardboard and durability allow them to perfectly meet the requirements of all types of institutions, such as fast food franchises, coffee chains, vending businesses, healthcare centers, schools & universities, hotels & restaurants, corporations, and catering companies.

The 3 SKUs feature tightly rolled rims for worry-free and leak-proof drinking. The new line also presents designs and graphics that fit casual everyday settings and create all the appeal it takes to gain customer satisfaction.

The Healthcare Sector is Now in Safer Hands with the New Sanita Serv-U Examination Gloves!

Sanita Serv-U Examination Gloves are available in 3 SKUs: Nitrile – Latex Lightly Powdered – Latex Powder Free

Sanita Away From Home places its new Examination Gloves at the service of the B2B market.

Sanita AFH, an international manufacturer and supplier of premium hygiene and paramedical disposables, has recently introduced a new product into the Lebanese and regional market: Sanita Serv-U Examination Gloves. The newly launched disposable non-sterile gloves are designed to assist healthcare providers, medical practitioners and patients in preserving optimal hand hygiene and enjoying a super barrier protection against germs and infections. Their unique features make them perfect for contamination control and personal safety in medium to high risk work environments, such as hospitals, labs, dental clinics, HORECA establishments and schools.

Sanita Serv-U Examination Gloves consist of 3 product lines: Nitrile, Latex Lightly Powdered and Latex Powder Free. Both Nitrile and Latex gloves are manufactured to a watertight AQL of 1.5, medical standard products, which ensures higher dexterity and puncture resistance. Being tight enough around the cuffs, the gloves guarantee secure wrist closure to allow users to avoid any contact with hazardous materials and offer optimal grip and comfort when used for long periods.

The selection of single-use Sanita Serv-U Examination Gloves complies with SATRA’s standards and is recognized as a high quality, high performance product designed for a wide variety of applications. Sanita Serv-U Examination Gloves come in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes, packed in boxes of 100 items.

Thanks to their durability, sensitivity, elasticity and strength, Sanita Serv-U gloves perfectly increase user hygiene and comfort.

Sanita Inaugurates an Away-From-Home Tissue Factory in Hosrayel

Sanita sal, a member of INDEVCO Group and a manufacturer of household, institutional, and personal care products, has recently opened a factory in the industrial zone of Hosrayel, Jbeil.

The 12,000 square meter facility is dedicated to producing personal care, household and institutional disposables for small, medium and large Away-From-Home (AFH) market segments.
On the occasion of the factory opening, Chadi Kreidy, General Manager of the “Away from Home” business division at Sanita sal, stated: “The prospects of expansion are wide in that field. We will be expanding our portfolio and diversifying our lines by creating new product categories, such as paper cups, and disposable gloves.”

The factory is expected to increase the production capacity by 40 to 50 percent, knowing that the market growth in this sector is 11 percent per year.

Investment in the project was estimated at $25 million, including the cost of the land. Sister company, Phoenix Machinery, is the contractor, which built and equipped the required infrastructure. Although the facility is fully automated, the expansion eventually created around 50 jobs.

Sanita Expands Its Manufacturing Operations

Sanita sal has recently opened a new manufacturing plant in Jouret el Ballout, Metn.

Built on a strategic location and only 4 km way from Jal el Dib Highway, the 6000m2 central distribution hub delivers a large portfolio of Away-From-Home (AFH) products and competitive services to a wide customer base spread across the region of Keserwan, East Metn, Dahieh, Shouf and the Bekaa.

Sanita Away From Home manufactures an extensive variety of products that meet international quality standards, such as facial and toilet tissue, paper napkins and towels, trash bags, cling film and aluminum foil, dispensers, liquid soap and air fresheners, cotton buds and clinic sheets.

Reliability in the supply chain operations, excellence in quality and commitment to the environment enable Sanita Away From Home to successfully cater to market needs while achieving sustainable development.