Sanita Away From Home Celebrates the Lebanese Army Day

Sanita Away From Home wears green in support of the Lebanese Army.

On August 1, 2017, for the occasion of the Lebanese Army Day, a special ceremony was held within the premises of Sanita Away From Home and Sanita Converting Transfer of Tissue in Hosrayel, Jbeil to honor the army’s role in preserving Lebanon’s unity, solidarity and independence. 

SAFH General Manager Mr. Chadi Kreidy took part in the ceremony to express his full support to the participants and evoke Sanita’s commitment to the good of the community.

In his word, Mr. Kreidy stated, “Our country is witnessing a critical situation and the Lebanese Army is our sole protector. We should join hands to support the backbone of our national unity.” 

The staff wore military print T-shirts as a symbolic tribute to the army’s sacrifices and participants gathered together to hoist the Lebanese flag and the army flag.