1. Can the Household Products Database be used in poisoning emergencies instead of calling a poison control center?

Answer: In a poisoning emergency, call the Poison Help hotline at 1-800-222-1222 to reach your local poison control center. The call is free, confidential, and handled by medical experts. If someone has trouble breathing, call 911. The purpose of the Household Products Database is to provide health and safety information on household products and their ingredients, not to provide therapeutic or clinical advice.

2. How do I contact the manufacturer of my product?

Answer: Contact information for the manufacturer may be obtained by entering the brand name in the Quick Search box on the Home Page of the database. This retrieves a list of products by brand names. Click on the brand name of your product to link to a page containing contact information on the manufacturer of your product.

3. Where can I buy the products included in the database? Could you please send me samples?

Answer: The purpose of the database is to provide you with health and safety information about household products and their ingredients. We do not distribute samples, sell products or keep information on which retailers carry the products. However, we do provide you with contact information for the manufacturers. Please contact the manufacturer (See Question #2) for information on retail stores near you that sell the products of your interest and on where to get samples.

4. What do I do if I have a complaint about a product?

Answer: Contact the manufacturer of the product. Manufacturer contact information is usually included on the product label. Contact information for manufacturers is also included in the Household Products Database and is verified periodically. See Question #2 on how to find manufacturer information in the database.

5. We have about two gallons of left-over deck stain that we bought about four years ago. Can we use this stain this spring?

Answer: Contact the product manufacturer regarding the useful life of this product and for advice. Contact information is included in the database. See Question #2 on how to find manufacturer information in the database.