Date : Monday 11th of December 2017
Company : Sanita Away From Home
Destination : Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon

Sanita Away From Home Spreads a Sparkle of Hope at the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

visits the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon during the merry season to send a message of support.

On 11 December 2017, and in line with its commitment to the community, Sanita Away From Home (SAFH) and Sanita Converting Transfer of Tissue (SCTT) teams visited the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) at the American University of Beirut, Medical Center (AUBMC) in Beirut, Lebanon.

During the short yet cheerful visit, the staff seized the opportunity to spend quality time with children facing cancer and enjoy the festive spirit with them in the presence of Mr. Clown and Mrs. Claus.

By choosing to visit the center this time of year, both companies aimed to advocate for a better care for children with cancer and deliver a message of hope and love to patients.
Earlier this year, generous employees have been busy donating for the wonderful cause. In fact, the money raised has bought Christmas gifts and presents for the children, including social games, cardboard games and colored pencils.

To commemorate the fun-filled moments spent with the little heroes, employees who participated in the charity work will be soon sharing their experiences with other colleagues in the hopes of encouraging them to give back to the community.  


Date : Tuesday 18th of October 2016
Company : Sanita Away From Home
Destination : Dar Al Inaya, Hboub

Sanita Away From Home Helps the Elderly Feel at Home

organizes a special cheerful day for older people!

Sanita Away From Home believes in giving back to society. Driven by the group’s values and a genuine desire to improve the lives of individuals of all ages, Sanita Away From Home’s team visited Lady of Deliverance’s Elderly Care Center, “Dar Al Inaya”, in Hboub, Jbeil on October 18th, 2016. During the special social day, members of the SAFH family seized the opportunity to spend some quality time with senior citizens, singing songs, taking photos, playing games and providing warm companionship, all with the aim of granting them comfort and making their day more enjoyable.

As part of the visit, the General Manager of Sanita Away From Home, Mr. Chady Kreidy, presented a trophy of appreciation to Reverend Mother Abbess, Sister Victoire in order to honor the center’s loving efforts in assisting the elderly and preserving their dignity in the best possible way. 


Date : Saturday 25th of July 2015
Company : Sanita Away From Home
Destination : S.O.S. Kfarhay

Sanita AFH living the family spirit at S.O.S. Kfarhay

" What is good for the community, is good for the company..." Georges N. Frem In line with our founder’s philosophy to serve the community, Sanita Away From Home organized a one day visit on the 25th of July 2015 to S.O.S Children Village-Kfarhay, to honor the mothers who have dedicated their lives to nurture the orphans in a family environment that they had lost, to spend quality time with the children in a friendly and entertaining atmosphere and to materialize Indevco core values to Sanita employees through their involvement in this CSR activity. The day consisted of several events where 70 Sanita employees participated with the children in various activities such as animation, face painting and games (food contest, puzzle, football….). Every employee was assigned to take care of a child and presented to him/her a personalized gift. At noon, children and employees gathered for a delicious lunch organized by Sanita and by the end of the day, Sanita family awarded personalized trophies to every S.O.S. mother as a token of gratitude and appreciation for their unconditional love, and a trophy was also presented to Mr. Amine Boustany, Director of S.O.S, who in return had also showed appreciation to Sanita’s initiative through a thank you keepsake in the name of Mr. Chadi Kreidy, General Manager of Sanita Away From Home.